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.Mark Grayson
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Headley Grange    2013      $250

White, black & gold body with brass corners. Art Deco fountain on head, crystal ball finial on tail, bone nut at top of neck. Eight brass sound-holes.
Indian Tabac II     2013      $450  
Classic red, yellow, & white body. Authentic native arrowhead artist found as a child. 1898 Indianhead penny and antique brass laurel on tail. Ebonized bridge, bone nut, cherry and maple wood head & neck.
Janiece       2013         $250
Collage-art wood body with brass corners. Six sound-holes reflect timepiece theme. Bi-color hardwood head and neck, carved 'thumbprint' tail. Gold filigree decoration on head.
Her Royal Highness      2013       $500
Rare 1952 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip tin. Walnut & cherry wood shaped head, neck & tail. Brass crown & royal militia insignia deco on head, with flared brass piece at tail.
The Scottish Arms     2013       $375
Antique oval tin with Scottish castles, thistles, and insignia. Vintage doorknocker on head, with ebonized bridge and nut. shaped and carved tail, with brass keyhole escutcheon.
H.Upmann      2013       $275
White and gold body, with red walls. Antique brass sound hole & bi-level bone and ebony inlaid bridge. Walnut and cherry for shaped head, decorated with royal coin. Antique pull ring on tail.