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.Mark Grayson
We are a husband and wife team with over 40 years of experience in wood crafting, art education, and mixed media work. Simply said, we love art and the process of crafting fine art pieces. Our primary motivation is the pleasure and happiness that our work brings to those who discover a piece that speaks directly to them.  

We have crafted commissioned pieces using family heirlooms and treasures that were provided by our clients and tell the story of a beloved family member, or recount a special experience such as a vacation, wedding, or other life fulfilling event.

I am the craftsman and my wife is the artistic oversight. We start with boxes and tins that we source from around the world. We are careful to select these for both aesthetic value as well as body composition (which has a significant effect on the tonal quality of the instrument). 

With the box in hand, the wood for the neck and head are selected for colors and grains that match the tone and theme of the box. The environment is our silent partner and, with that in mind, we try to use woods from discarded items such as broken tables, discarded fireplace mantels, pallets and other found objects. These are more difficult to work with than fresh cut woods, but are also much richer in grain and color variations.  

The head pattern is designed to match the theme of the box. The heads are laminated with different colors of wood then the whole piece is carefully shaved, sanded, and fitted to the box. The guitars are primarily made with a three string open neck design, following the traditional folk-art method of simple construction. Back in the 1850’s, when these guitars first came into popular usage, people used what was on hand. We have made 4-string and fretted tops, but prefer fretless due to the beautiful sound quality and timeless tradition of the open neck. Violins and other stringed instruments have been crafted for centuries with open necks. Our guitars have a great hand feel and give a true sense of connection to the instrument when played. Try fretless, you won't go back.

The final stage is the embellishments and finish. Some embellishments are surface mounted and many are counter sunk into the wood. We start with a vision of the end in mind, and sometimes embellishments are selected prior to even starting the piece. All guitars can be designed to plug into an amp with a 1/4' jack. They have great resonance and tonal quality, and can be enjoyed acoustically as well as amplified if desired.

All pieces are hand crafted in our home studio. 

We hope you enjoy viewing the instruments as much as we enjoy making them.